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Parma Ham

Available from the Charcuterie Suzanne Delicatessen counter at Arkadia Foodstore Gozo

Parma Ham

Parma ham, also known as Prosciutto di Parma, is a world-renowned Italian delicacy that epitomizes the art of cured meats. Originating from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, this exquisite ham is crafted from specially bred pigs and follows strict traditional methods in its production process.

The curing process involves salting the ham and air-drying it in carefully controlled conditions This process may take up to two years. This meticulous technique allows the meat to develop its distinctive flavours and tender texture.

Parma ham is renowned for its sweet and savoury taste, delicately balanced with nutty undertones. Sliced thinly, it showcases a beautiful rosy colour, and its marbling adds a luxurious touch.

This delectable ham is a versatile ingredient that pairs perfectly with various foods. It can be wrapped around melon slices, served on a charcuterie platter, or draped over pizzas and pasta dishes.

With its Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, Parma ham's authenticity and quality are protected, ensuring it's the genuine product from its designated region.

This delicacy continues to captivate food enthusiasts worldwide, offering a taste of Italy's rich culinary heritage and a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Recipe: Ricotta and Parma Ham Flatbread

Time: 5 mins
Makes: 4


  • 250g ricotta
  • Zest of ½ a lemon
  • A handful of basil leaves, chopped
  • 4 Italian flatbreads
  • 8 slices Parma ham, torn
  • Olive oil


1. Mix the ricotta, lemon zest and basil.

2. Spread over the flatbreads and grill for a bit until golden.

3. Add the Parma ham, some more basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil to serve.

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