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Roquefort is produced from ewe’s milk and is often considered as one of France’s best delicacies when it comes to cheese. Roquefort is also one of the oldest known kinds of cheese. In fact, it was reportedly a personal favourite of emperor Charlemagne. Perhaps, this is reason why the French like to refer to the cheese as “le fromage des rois et des papes” (“the cheese of kings and popes”). Authentic Roquefort cheese is characterised by a sharp, tangy, and salty flavour, as well as a rich and creamy texture. Its white, pasty interior is marbled with blue mould veins which form throughout a 5-month-long ageing process. The longer it is aged, the sharper and more pungent its taste. This cheese is so prestigious, it is protected by French law and only that which is processed in Roquefort, France may be labelled as Roquefort cheese.

Roquefort, France
Roquefort, France


On a charcuterie board, Roquefort can be complemented with fruit, nuts, dried fruit, and crackers. For a more filling serving, add some slices of a fresh baguette.

Roquefort cheese can also be incorporated into a variety of meals. Crumble it onto a crisp salad and add some walnuts, bitter leaves, and pears for a tasty, refreshing lunch on a warm day. To really make a statement, top it off with a drizzle of dressing made from nut oil. For dinner, pair the Roquefort with a beef steak or burger. The cheese itself can be melted into a sauce and poured over a salad, meat, eggs, or potatoes. You can also add it as a special ingredient in savoury quiche or pie recipes. When possible, add Roquefort towards the end of the cooking process so not to overcook it. Avoid pairing it with seafood.

If you enjoy its complexity, you can eat the cheese on its own as a snack to fully indulge yourself in its flavour. Alternatively, cut it up and add it to a fresh fruit salad.

Always take Roquefort cheese out of the refrigerator an hour before you cook or eat it for the best flavour and texture.

To help it go down, pair the cheese with beer, wine, or whiskey, depending on its age. Make sure the flavours of the drink and the cheese are balanced out as they should not overpower one another.

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